Visual Art and Music Section

Visual Art and Music Section

Of the Site “Contemporary Poetry-

Journal of Contemporary Poetics and Esthetics

Visual Art Section

According to recorded turnouts, the number of people visiting museums and contemporary art exhibitions increases every year. Such booming interest for art is also connected to new projects such as the creation of museums specifically devoted to contemporary art. Many international events are also gaining great success; we quote for example Dokumenta in Kassel and the Venice Biennale; not to mention the increasingly development of trade fairs.
Our online section “Visual Art” is just devoted to this sector: it will play a really important role among the magazines providing updates and reflections.

Music Section

Even the music sector is presenting interesting and important novelties. Sonus, the publisher that promotes this project inside the Site “Contemporary Poetry”, boasts a long and well-established experience as regards music magazines. As a matter of fact for over ten years it has been publishing the magazine “Sonus-Materials of modern and contemporary music”. It will remain independent and we will keep on publishing it at least for the first period of time. We have chosen such means of distribution and title in order to play an active role on the Internet, a real free port of contemporary time.
The online magazine is like a micro-portal featuring articles on visual art and also researches on art and music. The web-site consists of various sections: the “Visual Art” one presents articles dealing with visual art. There you find analysis, reviews and information on art, while the “Music Section” one deals with the world of music. This new web-site/magazine integrates and speeds up the work of the publishing house. This new magazine is therefore the starting point of an important test and such interdisciplinary confrontation may be really fruitful for both sectors as well.

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